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Business Owners Meetings
The N.I.C.E. Inc. Business Owners Meeting is a business and professional networking Meeting a resource for the Asian Indian community located in the Tri-State area.
Attendance is open to all (regardless of nationality) that pay attendance fee on per meeting basis. Benefits include networking opportunities, community involvement, visibility for the business, interactions with other chamber and networking organizations, political advocacy, information access, discounts and benefits, and an opportunity to provide leadership to others.
You do not have to be a business owner to become a member of the Business Owners Meeting. Students, professionals employed elsewhere, cultural and professional organizations that are vertically focused, and non-profits are all welcome to join the chamber to network with others and gain support towards their personal and professional development goals. Vision to be a leader in providing professional and business networking opportunities as well as personal and professional development resources to the Asian Indian community in Tri-state area.
To provide visibility to Asian Indians in the community and to highlight their achievements as they spread positive influence in the region.
To be known as the leader in professional and business networking for Asian Indians
To become the leading voice of the Asian Indian community in Michigan and to provide an Asian Indian perspective on economic, political, and community related issues.
Values Trust, leadership, creativity, and integrity Objectives:
Provide networking opportunities for all Asian Indians - whether they own businesses or whether they are professionals working someplace
Promote Asian Indian businesses within the region
Provide programs and resources to enable personal and professional growth for Asian Indian youth and adults
Represent and advocate Asian Indian perspectives to local political and community organizations
Provide visibility to the Asian Indian business owners through events, Round Table India podcast, programs, and community events.
The Business Owners Meeting is made of business and community leaders who will work to improve the community and the area’s business climate.
The effectiveness of the Business Owners Meeting is entirely dependent on member support and their involvement. Community Involvement The Business Owners Meeting will strengthen the community by identifying needs and opportunities within the Asian Indian community and by developing programs and hosting events to provide support and growth the attendees.
Become an attendee of the Business Owners Meeting or become a sponsor and gain visibility and the opportunity to share information with Business Owners.
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