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Women Corner
An important part of romance is appearance. Not only can it enhance the mood, but it can also enhance the way you feel about yourself.
We have provided some beauty tips to help you feel more romantic and good about yourself.
Prevent Bleeding: Use a lip liner slightly darker than your lip color shade. Outline your lips, starting with the bow area. This will also help to correct any unevenness. Then fill in your lip area with the lip liner. This will also help you keep in color after your lipstick has worn off during eating or all-day use. For the finishing touch, apply lipstick with a lip brush and blot with tissue.
Red: Red is definitely in! To make them modern, use light-reflecting powder on your eyes for a hint of color, instead of using dark colors and liners.
Chapped Lips: This is caused by a lack of moisture. Licking your lips speeds up moisture loss. Use lip balms that contain petroleum, cocoa butter or beeswax. Drink lots of water and try to use a humidifier indoors.
Colors: When using a brow pencil, do not color the brows in like you are painting them. Fill in the holes to create definition. Use a shade similar to your hair's color. Using a slightly darker color will give your eyes more definition if you have fair skin.
Grooming: Avoid angles and very thin brows. The right shape depends on your face and eye shape. Groomed brows balance your features, define your eyes and give a clean finish, even if you're not wearing any make-up.
To Hide Puffiness Under the Eyes: Apply thin layer of foundation all over puffy area. Dab concealer that is a lighter shade than the foundation under the puffy area using a small brush. Blend color and set with loose powder.
Pencils: Do not use a perfect line. It's outdated. Smudges are in. Dot along the lash line, connect he dots lightly, and blend.
Prevent Mascara Smudging: This happens with heat. When the heat rises, mascara can melt since a significant part of its formulation is wax. Try using a mascara that boasts a heat-resistant, high-melting-point-wax formula. Some smudgeless ways to emphasize eyes is by using an eyelash curler and clear mascara.
Tanning: Although a tan may look nice, in the long run the sun's rays will do lots of damage to your skin, not to mention the possibility of skin cancer. An alternative to looking tanned is to choose a tanning cream. These creams can be found at any cosmetics counter and are easy to use and safe on your skin. And if you use a tanning salon to start out your tan, that does not mean it is any safer to go out in the sun.
Sun Prevention: If whenever possible, stay out of the sun. If you are out and about, protect your skin by using a sunblock on not only your face but also your hands. Not only does the sun contribute to dryness and wrinkles, but it can also contribute to skin cancer.
Night Cream: Use a good night cream every night on your face and neck. Skin cells get their best renewment during the night time, so take this opportunity to take especially good care of your skin at this time. I would not, however, recommend that you use a night cream if you have oily skin, as this can contribute even more to the oiliness.
Moisturize: Even if you have oily skin you should always moisturize after washing your face. Choose a moisturizer that is made for your skin type. Moisturizer will also help your foundation to go on more smoothly and evenly.
Showers: Only take warm showers or baths. Do not use hot water. Hot water will dry out the skin and make it flaky. Use a moisturizer while your skin is still wet to seal in the moisture
Brushing: Do not use the "100 strokes" theory. This will only cause breakage to the hair.
Homemade Hairspray: Mix 1 teaspoon sugar with 1 cup warm water. Let it cool and then pour into a clean spray bottle. This stuff really works well!

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